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Is Your Toddler Eating Well? Here are 5 Tips to Increase Their Appetite


As a provider of Child Care in Denton, Texas, we understand every parent’s concern to have a physically healthy child. When your kid is physically well, it will result in an alert mind and quality learning for your kid. The programs we prepare in our Daycare Center will make sure that the child is healthy and happy during the lessons.

Dear parents, at Alphabet Academy, we’re one with you in bringing out the holistic potential of your kids. Hence, we would like to share with you a set of tips to encourage your toddler to eat well. We understand that being picky with food is just their nature, but you can do so much in inspiring them towards good food through these tips:

  1. Set a good model
    Toddlers are surprisingly fast learners, and guess who they get this from? That’s right. They get it from you. When it comes to their eating habits, they can learn so much from you when you show them how exciting it is to eat fruits and vegetables. In your every meal, set a good example by eating whatever is served on the table and see how your toddler will follow suit.
  2. Engage in meal planning
    Toddlers can also be taught early on about planning for your meals. At this age, they’re already enjoying and exploring. Hence, giving them the chance to participate in meal planning can bolster their sense of independence and will encourage them to eat what you have suggested. To get them started, you can ask them about what they want to eat for dinner. If they suggest unhealthy options, be constructive enough to incline it towards a healthier version.
  3. Serve in small portions
    Toddlers are very honest so when they’re full or hungry. When you serve them their meals, do so in little portions. This way, their interest on the food can still be piqued and they will ask you for it.
  4. Watch out for cranky moods
    Toddlers can also be cranky at times. These are not ideal times to urge them to eat. Wait until they’re ready or when they ask you for it. Additionally, when you offer them their food, do so with variation. Offer a new food every other time and if they reject it on your tenth offer, they might not really like it at all.
  5. Encourage finger foods
    Toddlers enjoy their level of independence and you can take advantage of this by giving them their own utensils or preparing the foods in smaller slices so they can just eat with their fingers. When they’re self-feeding, they will also be more enticed to eat.

Those are just a few tips from our experience of being with kids as a Preschool in Texas. Do you have other tips to share? Don’t think twice about sharing them at the comment section.

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