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How to Nurture Your Toddler’s Milestones


Isn’t it delighting to hear your toddler-to-be learning to say phrases such as “Shot ball”, “No bath”, or “Bye-bye, Mommy!”? Actually, you have to be ready for more. At their age, your tot’s capacity to learn is at an increasing speed. Your role is to hone their developing skills so they can improve productively in expressing themselves.

As a provider of Child Care in Denton, Texas, we would like to share these milestones in a toddler’s life that you can look forward to:

  • Putting phrases and words together
    Your kid has exceptional ability in remembering things, such that they are able to make quick associations. For instance, if they can already recognize a coin, they might repeatedly tell you, “Give money baby”. At this point, you can help complete their sentences for them, so they will eventually learn to say it themselves.
  • Independence
    Toddlers are also exploring and enjoying a level of independence. They would want to insist on what they want, such that they favor the words “me” or “mine”. It will help if you will provide them with an option or ask them a question so they can choose for themselves unless there’s only one thing left to do.
  • Tantrums
    Part of their sense of independence is their display of tantrums. When they can’t have their way, they would show their frustration through tantrums. While it could be challenging to address these scenes, strive to calm them down and offer other activities. You can offer another toy or another snack.
  • Consequences
    As much as we would like our toddlers to know how their actions can lead to certain consequences, they simply can’t grasp this concept yet. In times like this, you have to be extra cautious in ensuring that your kid doesn’t end up in risky situations because of what they’re doing.
  • Play
    Your toddler is also at a point where blocks, toy cars, and stuffed toys are interesting playmates. When they’re using their imagination while playing, you can grab this opportunity to nurture their creative imagination. Try to play along with their imagined scenarios.
  • Mobility
    Toddlers just love the active lifestyle. They love to run around and start climbing on stairways. You have to be aware of these expectations so you will not panic when you see them at the third tier of the stairs. At this point, their brain is working hard in improving their coordination skills. You can help them out by playing with them or running and walking with them.

At Alphabet Academy, you can partner with us in nurturing the potentials of your toddler. As a Preschool in Texas, we have sets of programs that you can gladly let your kid join in. We also have a team of teachers who are trained in early childhood development, so you can trust us to provide the age-appropriate treatment to your precious one.

What’s your latest discovery about your toddler? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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