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Can Your 2-Year Old Learn the Alphabet?

Can Your 2-Year Old Learn the Alphabet?

Every child has a unique pace of growth and development especially, in their learning. As a provider of quality Child Care in Denton, Texas, we believe in the great and deep learning potentials of every child. With proper support and adequate supervision, it will not be surprising when your two-year old will actually begin recognizing and reciting the alphabets. In other words, yes, your two-year old has the potential to learn the alphabet that early. Are you excited for this splendid milestone?

Let us share with you some helpful tips on how you can also encourage this learning progress at home.

  • Read TO Your 2-Year Old
    While reading can also be an exciting time for you to bond with each other, you can also utilize this time to nurture a sense of familiarity with letters and their phonics. In our Preschool in Texas, we include reading activities so that a child can often hear how a letter sounds and associate it with how the letter looks. You can also set this precious reading time at home and make it part of your daily routine (e.g. before bedtime).
  • Play alphabet rhymes
    Today’s Internet has provided us with a lot of educational resources. Your two-year old can also benefit from this accessibility through online videos of alphabet rhymes. What makes this tick for little ones is that the shows are animated, colorful, and fun. It helps them to see that learning is a fun-filled activity. And make no mistake; children love to have fun.
  • Recite Letters Every Chance You Get
    Whenever you’re outside with your child, or no matter what it is you’re doing, introduce a letter to them. Even if they don’t pay attention or seems like their focus is in other things, the habit of introducing a letter can be integrated into their system in the long run. When you’re stuck in traffic, for instance, you can look at road signs and identify letters together.
  • Look for Creative Activities
    You can also integrate creative ideas in enabling your child’s interest in learning the alphabet. Our Daycare Center is filled with these kinds of exciting activities. When your child is enrolled in our center, they can get to enjoy these creative activities to nurture their alphabet learning. However, you can also adopt these activities at home.
  • Repeat Activities
    For toddlers to acquire knowledge in learning the alphabet, repetition is an essential step to take. It’s alright when you need to repeat activities for days and weeks before your toddler can finally grasp the letter recognition. Just be patient and you will be rewarded in the long run.

For additional support when it comes to your child’s growth and development, you can entrust your child to our care at Alphabet Academy. They can also benefit from the learning exposure when they are with other children their age. If you have any inquiry regarding our programs, you can always contact us about these.

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