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Strategies for Tear-Free Goodbyes in Preschool


Do you notice your child manifesting separation anxiety whenever it’s time for you to leave them in preschool? Some children go through this episode of separation anxiety especially if it’s their first time to be away from their parents for a long hour. However, most of these instances are normal, especially when the situation is outside the preschool doors.

When you bring your child to their Preschool in Texas, they might feel a little anxious to be away from your presence and cry about it. Here are our tips to make these moments less scary for your little one.

  • Talk It Through
    Even before the formal class happens, talk to your child about the Daycare Center. Tell them stories about the place, what they can do there, and who they will meet. Get them excited about the idea that they’re going to be learning something new and meet new friends.
  • Stay Consistent
    The feelings of separation anxiety normally occur during the first few days of class. At this time, you can work out a routine with them such as keeping them company in going to school, hugging and kissing them before leaving, and promising them that you’ll be back. When you’re back, remind them about this also, affirming that you keep your word.
  • Ask the Teacher
    Your child’s teacher is ideally a caring and gentle person, part of their training as providers of Child Care in Denton, Texas. Let them know about your child’s personality, what their needs are, and how to calm their anxiety down. This way, when the anxiety happens, you can trust that the teacher is able to back you up.
  • Bring Mementos
    Let your child bring something that can give them comfort while they’re not with you. This can be their favorite teddy bear or a picture of you and your family. These items will ideally be outgrown in time, but these transitions are important to be taken care of so that they will not have emotional baggage when they grow up.
  • Avoid Escaping
    It can be tempting for you to just try to sneak out from your child’s presence while they’re a bit distracted with their crying. However, this practice can increase the fear of your disappearance, heightening the separation anxiety. Instead, develop a goodbye routine like a special form of handshake, and after which, leave immediately.

For preschoolers, separation is a normal phase that most of them go through. Your patience and understanding are greatly needed so that they can outgrow this phase smoothly. However, when these reactions linger consistently for about a month, your child may need the assistance of a professional child care specialist.

At Alphabet Academy, we advocate for your overall support for the growth and development of your child. Our team will be here to back you up, along with our programs and activities designed to hone their learning progress.

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