We are open to ensure that essential workers will have access to reliable child care during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Please call 682-558-9469 for more information.

For more information, please call: 682-558-9469

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We help expand your children’s learning horizons before they step into the real school encounter.

group of kids and teacherYour kids in their 3s start to show off their personalities and talents while enjoying their new vocabulary and social skills. They willingly participate in group art projects, pre-writing activities, organized outdoor games, and independent works at the center. At our child care in Denton, TX we have age-appropriate learning encounters that encourage kids to learn independently while teachers guide them with cleverly designed lesson plans and promoting learning through play and hands-on discovery. Built with a foundation laid in our younger students’ rooms, teachers expand the children’s learning in areas such as counting and recognizing shapes and colors. Our preschool in Texas introduces our students to pre-reading lessons and early Spanish learning.

Do you have any other concerns that you might want to let us know about? Kindly message us by using the form provided on our contact us page. You can also call us at 682-558-9469.