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How to Assess a Childcare Center’s Security


Your child may be at the age where they should be enrolled in child care in Denton, Texas. Parents get excited for the child’s first day at day care simply because this is an important milestone in their life. Of course, they get worried as well, especially when they think about the child’s safety while in school.

Why Is Security Important?

It is imperative to ensure the security of the facility before you actually enroll the child. Remember that you are leaving the child at the day care for several hours. That means you won’t be with them when something unexpected happens. It can be heartbreaking for parents when their child gets injured or traumatized while they are gone.

Ensuring the security of the school is as important as any other factors when you are choosing which day care to enroll the child to.

How to Ensure That the Facility Is Secure

It will be helpful for parents to have a checklist to assess a day care’s security. Here are the questions that parents should ask to know how secure the facility is for the child:

  1. Who has access to the daycare center aside from the students, guardians, and teachers? Knowing who gets access to the school will put parents at ease since there is a guarantee that only known individuals can get close to your child.
  2. For those who have access to the preschool in Texas, how are they able to gain their access? What requirements or clearance should they provide?
  3. How can unauthorized individuals be prevented entry from the school? Is there a security guard assigned at the gates? Is there a logbook or high-end tech available to track people’s entry?
  4. How is the security of the school’s front door? How secure are the windows? Are there security alarms put in place to deter unlawful entry during or after school hours?
  5. Are there emergency procedures/policies in place? When something unexpected happens, you need to know how the teachers will deal with them as well as how they will handle the kids.
  6. How do the teaching staff keep track of the children? Teachers should keep an eye on the children all the time. That way, they can prevent children from getting injured while they aren’t looking. By keeping an eye on the kids, teachers can hand them off to the right guardian as well.
  7. Are there records of unauthorized entry into the facility? If the facility has many incidents of unauthorized entry that lead to unfavorable situations, reconsider your choice.

These are some of the top questions that must be asked when you want to ensure that your child is enrolled in a safe preschool in Texas. If you want to check out a very secured facility to enroll your child to, Alphabet Academy will welcome you with arms wide open. You can set a tour with us at 682-558-9469.

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