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Dear Parents, Here’s why Lemons Should Be Part of Your Child’s Diet


You know that fruits and vegetables are healthy for the body. But, what most of us do not know is the exact way these foods can help our health. For instance, consider the lemon. As a fruit, you know immediately it is right to take it. It’s mixed in your drinks and other recipes.

But when we put this fruit in the spotlight, we can highlight its natural significance. If you have kids at home, their health is surely on your priority list. Let this information be a helpful guide. As a provider of Child Care in Denton, Texas, let us share with you this quick list of the nutrients found in lemons. We hope you can find ways to integrate this into your kid’s meals for better nutrition and enhanced focus in learning.

  • Rich in Vitamin C
    As part of the citrus fruit family, lemons are a rich supplier of Vitamin C. Our body needs this vitamin to build up our immune system. This system, in return, helps protect our body from common illnesses such as cough and colds. When these illnesses do occur, having a strong immune system also enables our body to heal fast. If you have a kid enrolled in a Preschool in Texas, you know how vital vitamin C is for them.
  • Trace amounts of folate and potassium
    Folate and potassium are essential nutrients for a pregnant woman. These nutrients are vital not just for the woman, but for their babies in the womb, as well. Folate and potassium can help in the development of the infant’s brain and body, ensuring that they come out strong and healthy. With the right amount of these nutrients, these infants can grow into healthy and alert kids.
  • Contains antioxidants
    Antioxidants are those elements that help strengthen the cell coatings so that free radicals can’t harm them. Free radicals are the bad elements from everywhere that seek to damage cells. With many free radicals in the body, the person can develop cancer. Antioxidants help flush out these free radicals.
  • Contains flavonoids
    When your kid has difficulty in transmitting nutrients to the rest of the body, they have blood circulation problems. Flavonoids are the elements that help clear out the bloodstreams, making it easier for the blood to circulate well.
  • Contains citrate
    While kidney problems are more common in adults than in kids, it’s an undeniable fact that these are painful and bothersome ailments. The worst happens when kidney stones develop. However, lemons contain the element citrate which helps in breaking down kidney stones efficiently.

The access to nutritious foods is just as quick as a stroll in the grocery store. Remember to always choose healthy options when you’re preparing your meals for the family, especially for your kids.

At Alphabet Academy, we support your every endeavor to build up a strong and healthy kid. Their healthy body can contribute a lot to their achievement of quality learning.

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